Covid-19 Ready Screen

What is a Covid-19 Ready Screen?

Our Covid-19 Ready screen is aimed at providing patients with information about their health that may make them more susceptible to a severe reaction to the Covid-19 virus. In understanding your overall health the tests are a baseline to monitor improvements as recommended by our doctors. Working with our patients to reduce the risks and improve outcomes of Covid-19.

This is a package of blood tests, patient history with doctor consultation to determine firstly a patient’s risk to Covid-19 and provide a programme of recommendations based on patient health and current evidence relating to Covid-19 infections. 

It is also a valuable tool kit to understand overall health and improve areas that require attention.

Our Covid-19 Ready screen can be carried our entirely remotely with finger prick kits for blood samples and video teleconsultations should you decide you do not wish to attend a clinic.

Long Covid

Little is know about Long Covid and the affects and duration but by monitoring key health indicators our doctors can assess and recommend ways to assist your recovery.

If a patient has had the Covid-19 infection we can use CV-19 Ready to form a baseline to monitor adverse effects from the disease as the patient recovers.

What do the blood tests measure and monitor?

Full Blood Count

Good Indicator of general health


Check for inflammation levels in the body


A check for risk of diabetes

Renal Function

A check for Kidney Disease

Liver Function Test

A check on the health of the liver

Cholesterol – HDL, TG, LDL

Vitamin D

Identified as an important indicator for risk to Covid 19

Optional Extras:

FT4 and TSH £75

A thyroid check

Covid 19 Antibody Test – Roche £65

What will happen if I choose a Covid-19 Ready Screen

Once you get in touch by telephone, email or website contact form we will firstly register you as a patient of the clinic. Depending on whether you wish to attend clinic to see a nurse to take your bloods or whether you wish to do from your home we will book and appointment or post you a finger prick blood testing kit. Various arrangements can be made to assist and please discuss your individual circumstances with our experienced team.

We will ask you for your height, weight and blood pressure. Your BMI will be calculated and recorded.

If you decide to attend clinic for your blood works then these measurements can all be taken at the same time with our nurse.

At the same time we will book you an appointment with one of our doctors for no more than seven days after we estimate the results of the blood tests will be back with us. This will be booked via telephone / video consultation whichever is your preferred choice.

Once we have received your results our doctors will review in readines

s for your consultation. If they believe that some immediate measures can be taken they will recommend these and suggest a retest. Retesting is free of charge for up to six weeks following your consultation.

At your consultation if the doctor can make suggestions to improve your overall health it is recommended that screening is carried out six monthly with a consultation to review results. The cost of on-going screen maintenance is £295.

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