Menopause Triage Patient Journey

Day 1 – Enquire to register for Menopause Triage to see you if you are medically suitable

You can enquire via the website or alternatively, call us on 01252 915333. One of our patient services team will register you and send an email with your medical forms and symptom questionnaire to complete. The forms take approximately 20 minutes to complete on your mobile or computer.

Approval for Menopause Triage Service

Once you have submitted your completed forms you will be alerted to confirm if you are suitable for the Menopause Triage service. If you are not suitable we will inform you and offer alternative options.

Blood tests arranged if required and telephone consultation booked

We will contact you to advise if you have been clinically approved for the Menopause Triage Service and arrange the blood tests if you have indicated that you would like them. This can be via home finger prick tests or an in-clinic appointment with a nurse. An appointment will be made with one of our menopause doctors for a short telephone call to confirm your treatment plan and prescription

Prescription delivered


In just under three months we will send you a follow up symptom questionnaire to see how your treatment is progressing. Our specialists will review your answers and prescribe medication accordingly. There will just be the repeat prescription charge to pay.

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