Hormone Replacement Therapy from the comfort of home. Menopause Triage.

An online service providing access to tailored Hormone Replacement Therapy from the comfort of home

Prescription delivered to your door in 24 hours

A cost effective route to personally tailored HRT for only £199

What is tailored HRT?

Oestrogen Replacement Therapy helps with symptoms of hot flushes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, aching joints and low mood amongst other symptoms

Testosterone Replacement Therapy helps symptoms of low libido and sexual function, fatigue and sleep, headaches, trouble with concentration or “brain fog” and is often referred to as giving patients back their “Mojo”

Progesterone Replacement Therapy protects the lining of the womb from endometrial cancer

Most GP’s will happily prescribe Hormone Replacement Therapy made up of oestrogen and progesterone. We are a specialist clinic accredited by The British Menopause Society and are also able to offer access to testosterone replacement therapy which is a crucial element to stay feeling well and strong as you transition through the menopause.

What is included in Menopause Triage:

  • Hormone Profile Blood Test – finger prick from home (if you’d prefer an in clinic blood test it is an additional £20 blood draw fee)
  • Symptom Questionnaire and Analysis
  • Telephone Consultation with Doctor
  • A written prescription for 3 months’ Hormone Replacement Therapy* – personally tailored to your symptoms and patient history (*private prescriptions require payment at the pharmacy)

HRT approved by the British Menopause Society

Menopause Triage is a suitable service for women aged 45 to 60 years with common symptoms of Menopause including hot flushes, night sweats and low mood.

Why Menopause Triage and not a visit to clinic?

Menopause Triage is an accessible online service providing any patient access to our Hormone Clinic from the comfort and convenience of home.

Traditionally patients who attend our Menopause Clinics in Hampshire, Surrey and London to see our Consultant & Menopause Specialists will visit 3-4 times in the first year and spend on average £1064+

Menopause Triage is just £199 – book today

Menopause Triage is aimed at getting the most beneficial, clinically approved and safe tailored HRT to all patients and will save patients who choose Menopause Triage in excess of £600+

At The Female Health Clinic we aim to make tailored HRT available to all women, enabling you to make the safest choice while still providing great symptom management. There are some exclusions (some of these are listed below) which may require a further consultation with one of our doctors to ascertain whether Menopause Triage is a safe route for you. This is an additional charge of £175 and may end with a referral into clinic to have doctor led one to one care.

If you have researched your options and concluded that British Menopause recommendations for tailored HRT are for you, then please…

Your Patient Journey when embarking on Menopause Triage

Once registered to our Menopause Clinic we will send you our Menopause Triage Symptom Questionnaire to complete electronically. This is confidential and will update your patient record ready for The Menopause Clinic doctors to review.

Our dedicated Patient Services team will contact you to confirm your suitability for Menopause Triage and only then arrange payment and advise you of the options for getting blood tests completed. We can send a home test kit to you for self sampling or you can request these from your GP or we can assist in clinic with a nurse. If you would rather attend clinic for the nurse to complete your blood test we can arrange that for you and there is an additional phlebotomy fee of £20.

Please note that you will be required to provide a blood pressure result along with your height and weight measurements prior to your telephone call with the doctor.

Once we have your blood results back we will book you a telephone consultation with a doctor in the Menopause Clinic and they will discuss your symptoms, medical history and HRT options with you and organise your prescription.

We can arrange a private prescription which our online pharmacy can deliver to your door in 24 hours or we can write to your GP with our medication recommendations.

Are there any hidden costs to Menopause Triage?

We want to be completely transparent allowing you to make a fully informed decision regarding your Menopause Management. There are no hidden costs and below is what to expect:

  • Annual Review will be required if you wish to continue HRT prescribing through our menopause clinic – this is the standard Menopause Triage fee £199. If your GP is prescribing for you and managing your treatment there is no need for annual review with us.
  • If you do not ask your GP to manage your HRT prescription we charge £15 per prescription request (medications charged separately by our online pharmacy).
  • If you require adhoc support we have an “Ask the Dr” service for patient queries. This is an email service and costs £30.
  • Some HRT (Testosterone replacement therapy for example) will require blood testing to check that you are in the therapeutic range and this is a prescribing requirement. This costs £49 for a blood test around six weeks after starting treatment.
  • You may decide that you would like to check progress against your original hormone profile baseline. This is £99.
  • If you have any medical history that requires further discussion (see above list) you will be offered a telephone consultation with one of our menopause doctors to discuss HRT and if it is right for you. This is charged additionally at £175.
  • If you require in clinic blood tests rather than the finger-prick kit there is an additional £20 phlebotomy fee for each visit.
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