Patients who are concerned about COVID-19

At The Female Health Clinic we are a very low risk environment for transmission of COVID-19. This does not however make us complacent and we understand that many patients are very frightened with the current situation relating to COVID-19.

We have implemented new measures within the clinic for the reasurance of our patients.

We have added additional sanitisation at the entrance to the clinic and in conjunction with our usual cleaning and hygiene routines we are carrying out daily sanitisation of our treatment rooms, waiting and reception areas.

In order to minimize the risk of transmission of Coronavirus, we ask that any patient who has an upcoming appointment and who has:

  1. recently returned from areas of high risk (refer for locations)
  2. symptoms such as a cough or high temperature and, in severe cases, shortness of breath

Please contact the clinic to discuss whether we can convert your appointment to a telephone consultation or alternatively consider a rescheduling of your appointment if necessary. Telephone 01252 915333 or email us

Anyone attending the clinic is reminded to please use the hand sanitisers which are available on entry to the clinic, in the treatment rooms and at reception. Handwashing is the most effective defense against the spread of the disease.   

We offer Telephone Consultations across many of our clinics including our Hormone & Menopause Clinics and are now offering “SkinSkypes” for our free of charge skin consultation service and our Obagi patients who require prescription products but do not want to attend clinic.

Please call us on 01252 915333 or email into if you would like further information on telephone appointments or to convert your existing appointment in clinic to a telephone consultation. We will be very happy to assist.

Please see links below that offer update and news on the COVID-19 situation

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