Why start HRT before the menopause?

The average age of menopause is 51 years. Many women however will begin to experience symptoms in the ten years prior to menopause (and some changes can start even earlier!).

Symptoms of anxiety and low mood, sleep disturbance and fatigue, weight gain, decreased libido, headaches, joint pains, brain fog and difficulty concentrating along with palpitations and chest pains can all be symptoms of declining hormone levels. 

These symptoms may gradually creep in years before the menopause and can become debilitating for many women, altering their quality of life and often, many women will seek referral to specialists to address and treat individual symptomatic areas rather than see a menopause specialist for lowering hormones.

In addition, many GP’s remain reluctant to prescribe HRT and it’s often found that patients attending specialist menopause clinics have been prescribed antidepressants to help with mood changes and anxiety rather than provide relief with HRT.

Beginning tailored HRT prior to menopause can ease symptoms and allow your normal life activities to carry on undisturbed.

Research has shown that starting HRT in the years prior to menopause and within ten years of your last period gives additional protection with reduction in cardiovascular disease and prevention for osteoporosis. There is also ongoing research regarding the positive effects of HRT against dementia.

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